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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Direct Primary Care? 

Direct Primary Care (DPC for short) is an innovative model of medicine which has been growing all over the country. In DPC, the patient pays the physician an affordable monthly fee in exchange for medical care. Paying the physician through a third party such as insurance is eliminated. This equates to overall better care, lower costs, and less interference in the doctor patient relationship. Orange Blossom Medical is a direct primary care practice. Dr. Suarez Kobilis will not be billing insurance nor accepting insurance payments. 

Wait a minute- I have insurance, why would I choose a DPC doctor?

Unfortunately in today's medical world it can take weeks to months to even a full year to see your doctor that works in a traditional insurance based system. All of this goes away with Direct Primary Care. DPC doctors see far fewer patients and hence have much greater availability.


At Orange Blossom Medical, Dr. Suarez Kobilis will have fewer patients; therefore, appointments will be able to be obtained in a timely manner. Insurance restrictions will not interfere in the patient doctor relationship. Patients will be able to call, text or email Dr. Suarez Kobilis directly.


Also, appointments will start on time and will never be rushed. No longer will patients have to wait hours in a waiting room or speak to a medical assistant who will then speak to the doctor and then relay the doctor's message to the patient. Patients will avoid the need to having to always go to an Urgent Care to be seen. Medical costs should be lower in the Direct Primary Care model.

Wait- do I still need insurance then if I see Dr. Suarez Kobilis?

Yes- we still highly recommend that the patient has medical insurance. Orange Blossom Medical is not a replacement for traditional insurance. The patient can use their insurance for medications, labs, imaging, specialist visits, and hospitalizations. 

What is included in the membership? 

Unlimited visits- whether in person or Telehealth. Patients can also text, call or email Dr. Suarez Kobilis directly. There will be a Patient Portal where the patient can see their electronic medical record and message Dr. Suarez Kobilis. Labs, medications, imaging, and specialist visits are not included. 

Why choose Dr. Suarez Kobilis?

Dr. Suarez Kobilis is a board certified Family Medicine physician. She received her training at the Pennsylvania State University College of Medicine. She is a Miami native and has a special love for the South Florida community. As a working physician mother, she understands the challenges of balancing career, family life and one's own health. She wants to share her expertise with others and provide superior medical care without being restricted by insurance. Dr. Suarez Kobilis's dream is that her patients become the healthiest version of themselves- physically, mentally, and spiritually. 

Who can join Orange Blossom Medical? 

Dr. Suarez Kobilis is currently accepting patients ages 13 and up. Medicare patients are not accepted at this time due to federal regulations. Although Dr. Suarez Kobilis highly recommends health insurance, she will still see uninsured patients and if needed help to find affordable rates for labs, medications, and imaging.

What if the doctor goes on vacation?

In the event that Dr. Suarez Kobilis is on vacation she will make every effort to be available by phone and email. Telehealth video visits may be available as well. In the event that Dr. Suarez Kobilis will not be available, she will arrange for coverage by another provider or have patients directed to an Urgent Care. Emergency concerns always warrant a trip to the emergency department. 

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